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16 March 1987
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I am a 22 year-old male from Dallas Texas, and I go to CSU where I am majoring in Wildlife Biology. I am a very open minded furry, am straight, single, and enjoy hanging out with friends, meeting new people, building, tinkering with and playing on computers. While I am a furry, it is not the defining characteristic in my life as I neither wear tails nor ears and will not bark or meow at people. I also enjoy being outdoors whether it is snowboarding, fishing, or hunting (yes I eat what I kill), or just laying down and relaxing in the grass. Some other things I enjoy are playing Frisbee, chatting on messengers, reading, and spinning poi. (I am still pretty new to it) Concerts and raves are always enjoyable. Chakat Short Tail is the name of my fursona. Shi is a bobcat patterned Chakat that makes many appearances on Furry Muck when I am able to connect.

There is not a box for Xfire but my account is ban3

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FFBt3am A>++ C>+ D>++ H+ M P R+ T+++ W->+ Z Sh+ RLET a cn+ d++ e+>+++ f- h+>++++ i+ j p+ sm>m*

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