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short_tail's Journal
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Tuesday, March 16th, 2010
12:53 am
Birthday Update
Another year gone by... I know 23 isnt old, but I am starting to feel that way. This semester hasn't gone the way I had hoped. I attempted to apply for in state tuition for the fall semester but was declined on the grounds that I didnt change over my drivers lisence. Due to this I will ahve to transfer back to a Texas college to finish out the three semesters I have left. Due to this fact, I changed my schedule up so I could try and have as much fun as possible, but with all the hours I have been scheduled I haven not been able to do much other than occasional day trips up to copper Mountain.
I still have not set a date for moving back to Texas, so I will update this once I know. But for now, it is late and I have a lot of stuff to do today.
Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009
8:29 pm
So the semester finished with its ups and downs. Not surprisingly I got my worst grade in Plant ID with a C-, I got a c+ in my Wildlife class and an A- in my 400 level Aquatic Insects class thanks in no small part to getting a 438 out of 200 on my collection project, that's right, 219%. That is how much of a bad ass I am. My plant collection I did well on but a 214.5 out of 210 couldn't save me from my 60% test average. All in all, I am happy the semester is over and I now have some time to realax. The only problem is now finding things to occupy my time. I am back home in Dallas and nobody I have called has even answered my calls so
i have no idea what to do while home. (looking at you Sairo >_>)
Yesterday I spent all day driving from Fort Collins and had a pretty uneventful drive. On Monday, I finally got to hit the mountains for the first time this year, and I am in good shape for the start of the season. That first day always takes a lot out of you but I have had lots worse. I am really liking the new board I bought off a friend of mine, it rides well and I love the decals on it. It is a Burton Royale with awesome Native American tribal art on it. When I get back up to Fort Collins around the 5th of January, I know what I will be doing until school starts, working and snowboarding and little else.

Even though I am no fan of Christmas (bah humbug), Merry Christmas to all; I hope your holiday wishes come true.

Also, if you do read this, please leave a comment. It doesn't have to pertain to this post, I would just like to see who still reads this.
Tuesday, December 15th, 2009
11:51 am
Finals Week
I had my first final yesterday in Wildlife managment and it went really well. Next is plant Identification... whoopee.

Also, best vocab word ever; I was the only one in the class chuckling every time she said it.

Main Entry: sheath
Pronunciation: \ˈshēth\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural sheaths \ˈshēthz, ˈshēths\
Etymology: Middle English shethe, from Old English scēath; akin to Old High German sceida sheath and perhaps to Latin scindere to split — more at shed
Date: before 12th century
1 : a case for a blade (as of a knife)
2 : an investing cover or case of a plant or animal body or body part: as a : the tubular fold of skin into which the penis of many mammals is retracted b (1) : the lower part of a leaf (as of a grass) when surrounding the stem (2) : an ensheathing spathe

One guess as to which definition I need.

Current Mood: studystudystudystudystudy
Friday, December 4th, 2009
1:56 am
Wonderful, got home from work only to find that our heater is broken. It is only 3 degrees outside and the house is getting colder and colder.

Current Mood: cold
Tuesday, October 20th, 2009
2:12 am
I'm not dead yet
Wow, March was the last time I updated this thing... wow time flies. This semester of classes is a lot more fun than recent semesters. I am in a 400 level aquatic insects course that is a lot of fun. We have to have a collection of 54 different genera of insects for the class which has been a lot of fun to put together. It has given me a chance to get out into the mountains and kick around some high mountain streams looking for nymphs and other insects for the collection and it is a fun, yet challenging class. My other classes are less fun, with the worst being Plant Identification.
I have to have a collection for this class as well, so I had to bust tail to get it done before the snow two weeks ago knocked out all the flowering plants. I am up to 17 out of a required 15 so that project is just about done other than identifying my specimens and mounting them.
On top of classes, I am also working full time at Raising Cane's Chicken fingers so the extra money is helping out. I enjoy the job, and the work is not too stressful. I actually just got a raise this paycheck so I am excited to get that Wednesday. If anybody is in the Fort Collins area, feel free to stop by and say hi. And speaking of Fort Collins, way to make the news.... with a giant hoax... A kid in a UFO balloon, really?
I have also moved houses to a much better location, I used to be all the way on the south eastern part of town, but now I live two blocks from CSU thus allowing me to ride my bike everywhere which has been good for me. I just have to start doing stretches and working out some and strengthening in preparation for the boarding season.
Other than that I have been partying a lot... almost got busted by the cops on Friday night so maybe a bit too much fun. Other than that, there is not too much going on up here. Just wishing the Cowboys can pull their stuff together after this bye week or I may just have to pull for the Broncos with how well they are doing. Also, it is crazy seeing people I grew up with showing up on ESPN and TV. It kind of makes me feel a little down about my life, having grown up with now NFL quarterback Matthew Stafford,and Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw. Oh well, I wish them the best.
Finally, the Avett Brothers are an amazing band. That is all.
Sunday, March 15th, 2009
1:24 am
A Long overdue Update
Spring Break just started for us, and I have a 14 hour car drive tomorrow as I drive back to Texas, so of course I am still up at 1:30 the night before. Classes have been up and down so far this semester, even though I am taking it for a second time, I just cant wrap my head around some of the concepts in my Calculus class. But now that we are doing derivatives, I should be having a better time of it.
Other classes are better, such as Ichthyology, which is quite fun despite having to memorize 30 (so far) species of fish, and identify them on sight. Still more fun that calculus. Other than school, I have been snowboarding a lot it is really starting to come together for me, aside from occasional spasms in my ankle where I broke it a year ago. I haven't had much of a chance to be on my computer for the last three months because it is broken and I have basically given up trying to fix it. Having a computer that breaks every three months means I am doing something terribly wrong, or something in my computer isnt working right, but either way I am tired of messing with it
As I said, spring break starts now, and it should be pretty fun. I am going back to Dallas to celebrate my 22 (ug I feel old XD) birthday. After spending the weekend with my family, I have a condo rented near Keystone so even more snowboarding!

I hope I can update this thing more often, but I do check my friends posts on my wii when I get a chance so I havent forgotten about everyone. :)
Thursday, January 8th, 2009
11:16 pm
Back to the cold
I am leaving the 70 degree weather here in Dallas and going back to school tomorrow. 14 hour drives always make me happy.
Monday, December 29th, 2008
2:33 am
I am still here
Yes, I am still here, but I once again managed to break my computer. I must have a knack for doing this cause it happens so often. But I am home for break, having fun and drinking waaaaaaay too much. I got a breathalizer for christmas and so far the highest I have blown is only a .25%. a fun night, let me say. (it is noteworthy that the thing only goes up to .4%) But yes, Christmas was Great! As in Tony the tiger great, not just your average great.
My family hid at our ranch for christmas eve and day to hide from the extened family, so it was much more relaxing and easy going than in years past. However, it was 80 degrees. Way too hot, and I cant wait to get back up to Colorado and shred some pow-gnar (snowboard).
Friday, November 7th, 2008
2:03 am
Been a While
So it has been a while since I have updated this thing. What have I been up to? Nothing really exciting to tell the truth. I have been trying to do more in the ways of school work this semester and so far it has been showing. I also went from mid July till late October without a computer after my motherboard crapped out.
It was nice to be away from the computer for a while, and it was amazing how much more sutff I got done. I will try to be a little more consistant with my posting, but until next time, try this. http://www.kongregate.com/games/arawkins/dolphin-olympics-2
It is a nice fun and addicting flash game once you get the hang of how to link tricks together and start flying through space.
Saturday, August 9th, 2008
12:57 pm
Posting From the Airport
I am in the airport on my way home to Dallas for the next week. Call me if anyone from Dallas wants to hang out. :)
Friday, July 25th, 2008
9:24 pm
Weekend Plans
I found a beer with a 20% abv. I expect a fun weekend. :D
Tuesday, July 15th, 2008
5:10 pm
Computer dead. posting on wii is tedious. :(
Monday, July 14th, 2008
1:29 pm
an help?
SoI thik sometime between last night and this morning my video card died. the closest way I can describe what it does would b the misingno from pokemon so long ago. It still shows the things that should be on the screen, the are just broken up and scattered pixles, lines and chunks of color. I paid a lot for that video card, so I am quite frustrated at it for just breaking. I need to go back and check my new egg records and see if there is still under warranty. But I would also like to ask; does anyone here know what could be the problem? The monitorworks. I have tested it.

Current Mood: frustrated
Sunday, July 6th, 2008
1:36 am
Keeping At it
I apologize for not having kept all of yall informed as to my whereabouts this last month. As my last post said, we got internet back with is nice. However, I have also started summer school which, even though I have gotten all good grades so far, is still quite boring. I still have not found a job, but there is still time to get one. I have also started to get more excersice in and it has already made a difference and will probably need new clothes by the end of summer. XD
I am planning on visiting Dallas somewhere after August 8th because then I will be done with summer school and will have about a week to spend before classes start back up.

So I have really been pretty boring these last couple of weeks, drinking a lot of beer and enjoying life with my room mates. I am still waiting on those two commissions, but they should be done soon and will be great.

Also, wow, our internet is pretty good.
Thursday, June 5th, 2008
3:12 pm
moving sucks
I should have internet back in a couple of weeks, but it is nice to be moved into a new house. Taht is pretty much all I have been doing since school let out; moving. That and now I need to find a job, but it will be fun staying on Colorado for the Summer. Hopefully I can make it home at some point just to see friends. Next post should be when I have internet at home which should be sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Talk to yall then.
Tuesday, April 29th, 2008
2:22 pm
so..... pt2
So last night, my foot started getting huge and purple, both not good signs. I went into the hospital and got an xray only to find that my leg si broken. I chipped a *tiny* piece off of my tibia and that is all. This is my first bone break, and I am kinda dissapointed in myself, I mean, if you looked at the x ray, you would laugh like I did.
Sunday, April 27th, 2008
11:47 am
Soo... last night I blew out my ankle in a drunken stupor. I was at my sisters graduation party which was to be followed by 70's themed roller skating, but I never made it that far. I was jumping off the front porch of the house and managed to land with one foot on a piece of ply board, resulting in my right ankle turning 90 degrees and was generally quite uncomfortable. I know it isn't broken and it feels just the way it did when I tore the ligaments in the same ankle in high school. Oh well, I will see what the hospital says tomorrow and I doubt I will be able to make classes until at least Wednesday.

Current Mood: uncomfortable
Saturday, March 22nd, 2008
1:44 am
Holy crap, I was wondering when my usual bout of spring hornyness was going to come and it came in full force today. XD

For spring break I went home and celebrated my 21st birthday with them before packing up and heading for New Orleans the next day. I must say, New Orleans inly becomes fun once you reach the 21 year mark. So I had a good celebration of my birthday with family and friends, good food, and good drinks. So I am now back up in Fort Collins having fun.

Thanks to all those that wished me a happy bithday and for those I partied with. This 21st was one to remember.

Now to find a girl friend..... >_>
Sunday, March 2nd, 2008
3:43 am
It has been a while since I have posted so lets see where I stand:
I have been pretty buisy latley doing school work. I have been heading up to either copper mountain or winter park/mary jane for the last couple of weekends and it has been a blast. There really isnt much more going on, stupid classwork; but it needs to be done. One thing that has me excited are two commisions that I have being worked on and I will post those when I get 'em. College is great fun. :)

Tail High
Friday, January 18th, 2008
6:08 am
So long Texas. Time to get back up into the cold. I am driving up and staying the night in Colo Springs and will be back at school sometime Saturday afternoon.
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